Winter Tires

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Cooper Evolution Winter

The Evolution® Winter™ provides stability and confidence when driving through deep snow.

  • Plows through snow
  • Studdable for extreme ice traction
  • M+S Rated


The Discoverer® True North™ is ideal for daily commuters who drive on plowed and treated roads, and deal with slush and black ice throughout the winter months.

  • Exceptional wet traction for slush-covered roads
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Superior grip on ice and snow
  • M+S Rated

General AltiMAX™ ARCTIC

A studdable winter tire with innovative compound and tread pattern technologies for superior traction in low temperatures on wet, snow and/or ice conditions.


Continental Tire Viking Contact™ 7

Winter resistance enhanced by German technology

Passenger Car, Minivan and CUV Winter Tire


  • Optimized Nordic Compound
  • Intelligent Pattern Design
  • Advanced Grip Concept
  • Enhanced Snow, Ice & Wet Traction with 3 peak mountain snowflake certification.